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Unreleased Songs

  • This is a list of unrelased Vince Clarke songs, they were registred in the early 1980s (see BMI
    for the original source) that were never included on any LP/Single. There is not much known
    about these songs, so if you have more information about any of the songs, please contact me .
    Some of this information was taken from the Bong Magazine and Zambak's FAQ at Depeche Mode Stuf

AddictionClarke Played in the early DM gigs, later became Yazoo's Don't Go
Blackwing BoogieClarkeProbably a tune for advertisements.
Bright LightClarkeLater became in Phototgraphic
Chinese DetectivesClarke

Used on the Yazoo shows to give Alison's voice a rest.

This song was only refered to as China and it eventually became I Before E Except After C, stripped back to the drumtrack.

Closer All The Times

Also known as "Ghost Of Modern Times" and "Understood" on some early bootleg.

Titled as "Closer" on the early setlists.

C O I Smoke AlarmsClarkeProbably a tune for advertisements.
ConversationsClarkeNo Info
Data RunClarkeAnother track for an UK TV show, written by Vince and sung by Alison.
Get SetClarke/Moyet

Used as a TV theme for the Show Get set for summer. There's also an instrumental version.

Released on the "Reconnected Live" iTunes edition!!.

 Here She Comes
 Moyet "I wrote one called There She Goes...we needed the tape and it was wiped over..." A. Moyet
Johnson's Cotton BudsClarkeA tune for advertisements.
Let's Get TogetherClarke

An early DM song, was aired on a BBC show with Dave talking about the first era.

There's also a demo with Vince on lead Vocals from the Yazoo era.

The band Girl Authority has released a cover version of this song, re-written by Vince.

Loose TalkClarkeA slowed down version of Chinese Detectives, probably a tune for some radio show.
OperatorClarkeA working title for Puppets, a song included on the first DM Lp.
OperatorClarkeA song demoed by Vince for Yazoo, different from Puppets.
Other Side Of The TracksClarkeTheme for another TV music show, Vince speaking thru a vocoder repeating the show's title being the only vocals
Radio NewsClarke

An early Depeche Mode song, played live on the Pre-Speak & Spell shows, appears on some early setlists.

Included on the first Depeche Mode demo tape together with Photographic and Ice Machine.

Reason ManClarkeAn Early Depeche Mode song, available on some bootlegs.
Reason To BeGoreThis was the firs title for Now, this is fun.
SecretsClarkeAn early DM song Later become Yazoo's Unmarked. Not available on bootlegs.
Sometimes I Think I Am DeadClarkeAn early version of "I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead".
Sunday MorningClarke??One of the early Composition of sound songs that was performed only two or three times. Sung in the style of a hymn-like chant.
Tomorrow's DanceClarkePerformad by DM on the first tour available on some bootlegs. Also known as "Dance" on the early setlists and that's the title used to register the song.
T.V. SetJason Knott
An early DM song, written by a friend of Vince. Available on some bootlegs. Part of the first demo tape sung by Vince.
Trak TrixClarkeA tune for a TV show called Trix Trax, available on trade circles.
Warm Leatherette
D. Miller
A version of The Normal classic.
XYZClarkeA Vince/Yazoo tune for Capitol Radio UK
































































Depeche Mode/Composition of Sound demo tapes

First tape, Vince on vocals:
TV Set
Unknown Instrumental
Unknown Track

Second tape used to promote the band:
Ice Machine
Radio News



  • This covers were played by Depeche Mode on their first tour:

The Price Of LoveThe Everly BrothersPerformad by DM on the first tour available on some bootlegs.
I Like ItGerry And The PacemakersPerformad by DM on the first tour available on some bootlegs.
Mouldy Old DoughLieutenant PigeonPerformed by DM on the early shows (maybe only as Composition Of Sound), not available.
Mirror Is Standing???Maybe an early Composition Of Sound trak, but Depeche Mode doesn't remember this song.
Then I kissed HerThe CrystalsOriginally titled "Then he kissed me", was included on the early Depeche Mode demo tape.
Mamma MiaAbbaWas done to the "Photographic" backing tape


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