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Tour Dates



Date City/Venue Comments
??? John Peel Sessions Setlist
August 30 Basildon, Raquels  
August 31 Basildon, Raquels  
September 4 Sheffield, Lyceum  
September 9 Nottingham, Rock city  
September 15 Chippenham, Greendiggers  
September 16David "Kid" Jansen BBC Radio 1 Session Setlist
September 20 Manchester, Hacienda  
September 21 Glasgow, Tiffany's  
October 29 New York, Ritz  
October 30 New York, Ritz  
October 31 New York,Paradise Garage  
November 5 Hanley, Victoria Hall Cancelled
November 6 Leeds, Leeds university  
November 7 Manchester, Palace Theatre  
November 9 Coventry, Apollo  
November 10 Brighton, The Dome  
November 11 Poole, Weesex Hall  
November 12 The Tube TV Show, setlist
November 14 Bristol, Lorcano  
November 15 Birmingham, Odeon  
November 17 Liverpool, Mountford hall  
November 18 Edinburgh, Playhouse  
November 19 Newcastle, City Hall  
November 21 Hanley, Victoria Hall Rescheduled from the cancelled show on November 5
November 22 London, Dominion Theatre Opening act: Boy's Own
Recorded by the BBC. Set-list
November 23 London, Dominion Theatre  
November 24 London, Dominion Theatre  

Some parts of this information were taken from the Richard's unnoficial Yazoo homepage

The gear:
This is a list of instruments Vince usend when he recorded the Yazoo Lps, and on the live set.
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland TR-808
Roland MC-4 Micro composer
Roland SVC-350 Vocoder Plus (Just for the shows)
Roland SH-101 (After Nobodys's diary)
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Fairlight CMI* (After The Other Side Of Love)
Kobol RSF
Linn Drumms

*Vince used two Fairlights on the first shows, but as it was very expensive and dangarous he recorded a backing tape and used it for the rest of the tour.

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